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Physician Assistant Needed

Dr. Aklilu is seeking a Physician Assistant with experience in Infectious Disease.  If you or anyone you may know is interested, please contact Nicole Furmanski our Office Manager.   Thank you

AIDS Walk 2013 Pictures

   We would like to thank everyone for their support towards a great cause!  We had a wonderful time and we are all looking forward to next years AIDS Walk.     

AIDS Walk 2013

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of year again.  We are participating  in the AIDS Walk 2013 on March 24th, to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. We’ve been battling against AIDS for over thirty years now. Thirty years! While we’ve found lifesaving medical advances in the treatment of this disease during that time, HIV infections continue to skyrocket in number, and South Florida leads the nation in new AIDS cases. There still isn’t a cure, and even one more death caused by HIV/AIDS is one death too many. Would you please support our effort to stop the spread of HIV by becoming on...